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Setting up Offline Sync

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    Offline Sync allows a user to fully use InfoFlo while physically disconnected from the main InfoFlo server. This is accomplished by first taking a snapshot of the main InfoFlo database and copying it, with permission controls,to a local laptop. The laptop then acts as a mini InfoFlo server which can exist on its own. All data is re-synced once the offline server re-establishes the connection back to the main InfoFlo server and data is exchanged

    Steps for setting up a user for Offline operations

  1. Create a new user account on the main InfoFlo server, if one is not already created **(Always make sure that all offline users are configured as “Admin” users on the main InfoFlo server). This is done with the admin tools, click here for more details
  2. Make sure to check off “Sync All Users”
  3. Install complete InfoFlo package (client and server) on laptop with the offline license provided. Please make sure laptop meets the minimum hardware requirements as outlined here
  4. Run offline sync app from Programs -> Carmel Vision -> InfoFlo -> Offline Sync
  5. Click Sync Settings from right menu
  6. Check the box to “mark the local server as an InfoFlo Offline sync server”
  7. Fill in InfoFlo Server LAN IP address
  8. Verify port 24124 is open for TCP traffic on the InfoFlo server and not blocked by a firewall
  9. Fill in the username and password as created in step 1
  10. Click Test settings, this should fill in the Sync User ID field on the bottom
  11. Click save settings
  12. Click sync status from left menu
  13. Click Start Sync