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Note Settings

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InfoFlo has introduced a new feature which allows the user to control the appearance of Notes within InfoFlo

In order to adjust these settings follow the steps below:

1) Select Settings

Note Settings 1



2) Select Preferences

Setting up invoice 1



3) Select Note

Note Settings 2



You will see 4 check boxes that control individual parts of the Note

Note Settings 3





1) ” Editable: ”

Note Settings 4

This function allows the user to edit notes once they have been created


If the function is disabled, the user can only add new information which, by default, will be placed at the bottom of the note

Note Settings 10



2) ” Append Timestamp: ”

Note Settings 5



This function will automatically include a time stamp in each note that you create

Note Settings 9



3) ” Append ModifiedBy: ”

Note Settings 6



This function will automatically include the name of the creator of the note

Note Settings 8



4) ” New NoteOnTop: ”

Note Settings 7

This function can only be enabled/disabled if the ” Editable: ” function is disabled

This function will place additions to the note at the very beginning of the note


It will look like this:

Note Settings 12


Instead of this (default) :

Note Settings 11