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How do I Add a Contact to a Category? (video)

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Option #1 for adding a Contact to a Category:

  1. Select the category that you want to add a contact to.
  2. Select the New Contact button. The New Contact window opens.
  3. Add details of your new contact. Click the Set Companies button to add a company. The Companies window opens. If the company already exists, just check it off the list or add a new company. Click the OK button.
  4. Click the Set Categories button to link the contact to multiple categories.
  5. The Categories window opens. The selected category will be already checked off. You can now add your contact to any other category or sub-categories. Click the “+” sign to add the contact to sub-categories, such as for the Client Category.
  6. Then select which sub-category you would like to add the contact to. You can add the contact to any number of categories or sub-categories. Click the OK button.
  7. Click the New Email button. Enter the email address.
  8. Select the Custom Fields tab. Fill out any custom fields created.
  9. Click the OK button.
  10. To check to see your new contact, select the Relations menu item, Click the Show Contact button.
  11. Select your new contact. You can see all your contact details and the categories they are added to in the summary tab.

Option #2 for adding a contact to a category:

  1. Click Contacts from the left tabbed menu.
  2. Select the contact you would like to add to a category.
  3. Select the Relations menu item. Click the Show Category button.
  4. Select a category to add your contact to.
  5. Click the Yes button
  6. Double Click on a Category to move it to the left panel, and show the contacts exclusive to that category on the right; and you can see all Contacts linked to that Category.
  7. Click on a contact to view their specific information.