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How do I drag a file from My Computer and upload it to a Contact, Company, Category or Project?

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Click-and-drag any file from your computer and directly upload it to a Contact, Company, Category or Project.

  1. Select 'Contacts' from the left navigation menu and select a contact (The following steps may be completed for any Contact, Company, Category or Project).
  2. Select the 'My Files' tab from the bottom right of the right panel. Select the file you would like to see the revision history of.
  3. To view and navigate the files from your computer, click the 'My Computer' button.
  4. The My Computer panel will now be located in the bottom panel.
  5. The My Computers toolbar includes a button to 'Refresh' the files, toggle between 'Folders' and list view, go 'Up' a folder, go 'Back' to the previous view, go to 'My Depot', go to 'My Desktop', go to 'My Documents' and go to 'My Computer'.
  6. In this example, we will navigate to My Documents by clicking the 'My Documents' button and selecting "Spreadsheet".
  7. Drag and drop the selected file to the destination folder.
  8. Click 'Yes' to confirm the upload.
  9. Your file has now been added to the contact’s 'My Files' tab.