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How do I create a New Project?

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  1. Click the 'New Project' button on the Entities section of the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Here in the Basic tab, you can fill in the details of your new Project:
    • Name
    • Ticket ID (click 'Modify' to customize.)
    • Type
    • Description
  3. Click the 'Status' tab, you can fill in the details of your new Project:
    • Status
    • Priority
    • Start Date
    • Due Date
    • % Complete
  4. Click the 'Custom fields' tab to fill in any custom fields you have created. To learn how to create a custom field for your Project, visit How do I add Custom Fields for a video demonstration.
  5. Click the 'Sharing and Permission' tab to set the permissions for your project. Here you can select the categories that the project is associated to.
  6. In the Permissions for Users section of this tab, you can limit the access that others have on your project. Things that you can limit include:
    • Always show all items for Project members
    • Allow users to modify: Email, Calendar Events, Documebnts, Notes, Recordings, Tasks, Allow to edit Status, Allow to edit % Complete.
    • Allow users to Add and Remove members
  7. Click 'OK' to save your changes and close the Project window.