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 US:  +1 (646) 465-7676   Toll Free:  +1 (855) 463-6356

Cloud Privacy

Protecting your data is our #1 priority

Certified US data centers

Select a data center in the USA, UK or Europe — all with top reliability and security standards, as confirmed by our ISO 27001 certification.


256 Bit bi-directional channel encryption is built into the InfoFlo framework to eliminate port spoofing.

Dedicated VM

We turn the Cloud into an extension of your private network for complete privacy and data ownership.

Firewall, SIEM and IDS/IPS

Our firewall platform, as well as the latest SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies, protect your cloud servers from attacks 24/7.

InfoFlo Talk Cloud Voip System

True data ownership

When you start any other cloud hosting plan you get a document with lengthy terms and conditions. Let’s be honest: no one wants to (or has time to) read through it. It generally says that the customer still owns their data in fine print at the bottom. Although this is true, that data is still being stored out on the cloud, not on the customer’s local network.

Unlike storing data on a hard drive, storing data in the cloud means that it is scattered across many databases, storage devices, and data centers. While this helps keep your data safer and more accessible, it makes it harder to keep track of. With other cloud hosting plans you can access lists, views reports and other information about your data.

But ... what if you wanted to take all your data back? Realistically, you can't have it, or at least it would be a very complex, time consuming and costly task to fetch it all. This is a huge drawback to the hosted model that very few people actually know about.

When subscribing to cloud hosting services from other providers, the only ownership you have over your data is the tiny print on a piece of paper. Does that sound like true ownership to you? No. We don’t think so either.

By throwing out the traditional method of sharing cloud hosting between many customers, we give you back true data ownership. Your data is on its own secure, dedicated server where nothing is shared. Oh, and all that data is just a click away when you need it.