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How to modify the server TCP and HTTP ports

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  1. InfoFlo server exposes 2 connection ports. A generic TCP port with port number 8082, and an HTTP port for organizations whos firewall policy does not allow TCP traffic. Both these ports are encrypted by default with 512Bits encryption. The client canconnect to either of these ports in order to establish a connection.
  2. If either of these ports are not available at server startup, ie they are used by another application the InfoFlo service will not start.
  3. If the InfoFlo service is able to start the ports may be changed in the configuration tool. Start -> Carmel Vision ->InfoFlo -> Configure InfoFlo Server. From the left menu click ‘Servers Overview’ and click on the pencil icon to the right of ‘Application Server’. When done editing click the check box on the right, close the config tools and restart the service. InfoFlo will now be listening on the new ports. Note: If you ave configured port forwarding rules in your firewall for outside connections, please modify these accordingly.
  4. If your InfoFlo server cant start does to port conflict, make sure the service is stopped, go to the server install folder and find the InfoFlo server xml config file named Personal.Service.exe.config
  5. Locate the key ‘AutoConfigServerPort’ and set its value to true. This will force the InfoFlo server to scan for an unused port if one of the configured ports is used. After this change restart the service.
  6. Go to config files and modify the server ports as explained above. Restart the service for the changes to take effect.
  7. Please note: that if you leave the ‘AutoConfigServerPort’ set to true, this will automatically change server port numbers on the next conflict, which will lead to client connection issues.