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148 Sheppard Ave West
Toronto, Ontario M2N 1M8
US: +1 (646) 465-7676
Toll Free: +1 (855) 463-6356
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 US:  +1 (646) 465-7676   Toll Free:  +1 (855) 463-6356

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Why InfoFlo Talk?

Sure, you could work with a bigger VoIP provider, but bigger doesn’t mean better. No one can match us head on when it comes to our superior technology or customer-first pricing model. Pay per line not per user and own your data. Forever. You save money and get a better product … It’s a no brainer.

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Ring Central

Base Package: [item-234_quantity] x $29.99 = [item-235_price]
Premium Package: [item-234_quantity] x $44.99 = [item-236_price]

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InfoFlo Talk

$29.99 x [item-205_quantity] Unlimited Concurrent Lines = [item-237_price]
$39.99 x [item-206_quantity] Toll Free Line = [item-238_price]
Total Cost: [item-239_price]
Savings Over Ring Central Basic Package: [item-240_price]
Savings Over Ring Central Premium Package: [item-241_price]


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We are more than VoIP

InfoFlo is a Complete Technology Platform all from one vendor that is designed to optimize you workflow and cut you monthly recurring costs by half. From CRM to VoIP and from Digital Forms to Payment Processing, we got you covered.

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16,000 Users and Going Strong

16,000 Users and Going Strong

Our unrivaled technology and unique pricing model lets us pass the savings on to you. We charge less and give you much more. Let us help you take back control of your VoIP and your data without spending a fortune.

Simple Pricing.
Outstanding Value.

  • $ 29.99 PER MONTH
    • Business Line
    • North America
      • 2,500 Anywhere minutes in USA and Canada
      • Unlimited Extensions
      • Dedicated Hosting
      • Includes all features
  • $ 39.99 PER MONTH
    • Toll Free Line
    • North America
      • 1,000 Inbound minutes in USA and Canada
      • Unlimited Extensions
      • Dedicated Hosting
      • Includes All Features

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