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How do I add a new Appointment?

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  1. Click 'Contacts' from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the contact that you would like to create an appointment for.
  3. Click the 'New Appointment' button.
  4. The New Appointment window is now open.
  5. The appointment toolbar is as shown.
  6. Click 'Save' to save the appointment.
  7. Click 'Invite Attendees' to invite people to attend the appointment via email.
  8. Click 'Recurrence' to set this as a recurring appointment.
  9. 'Appointment' is already selected by default.
  10. Click 'Scheduling' to see when other users are busy so that your appointment can be booked when users are available.
  11. 'Show time as:' allows you to set the block of time as 'Free', 'Tentative', 'Busy' or 'Out Of Office'.
  12. 'Categorize' your appointment into categories such as 'None', 'Appointment', 'Meeting', 'Phone Call', 'Send Email', 'Mail Document', 'Prepare Proposal'.
  13. Set a 'Pop up' reminder anywhere from 0 minutes to 2 days before the appointment.
  14. Click the 'Email' checkbox to send a email reminder to the people in the appointment anywhere from 0 minutes to 2 days before the event.
  15. The textboxes under the toolbar allow you to fill in the main details of the appointment.
    • 'Organizer:' shows the contact that created the appointment.
    • 'Link...' denotes the entities that are linked to the appointment.
    • 'Subject' of the appointment.
    • 'Location' of the appointment.

  16. The following is the details section.
    • 'Start Time:' Start date and time.
    • 'End Time:' End Date and time.
    • 'All Day Event' Check this checkbox if this appointment is an all day event.
    • 'Private Appointment' Check this checkbox if this appointment is private..
  17. The 'Body' of the new appointment is where you can fill in the details for everybody to view.
  18. Click 'Save' to save the new appointment.