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How to disable automatic Task title and date being pre filled

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  1. These settings are to be configured in the client registry file of each workstation who required this functionality. This only has to be done one time, as the settings are saved locally. Support for these require version 3.50.2612 (May 8 2013) and up of the client. Please make sure to upgrade your client first if you have an earlier version of the software.
  2. Shut down InfoFlo client
  3. Using windows explorer navigate to the directory where the client is installed. Normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Carmel Vision\InfoFlo Client
  4. Look for a the registry file named Client.WinApp.exe.config, with size of approx 11KB
  5. Right click this file and select edit, this will open the file for edit in a text editor, most likely Notepad
  6. Locate the section in the file
  7. to allow empty task timestamp, change the value of the key AllowEmptyTaskTimeStamps from false to true
  8. to allow empty task name on create, change the value of the key AllowEmptyTaskNameOnCreate from false to true
  9. save the file and restart the client for the changes to take effect