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How do I enable TCP/IP protocol for use with an existing SQL server installation?

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1. Go to control Panel -> Programs and Features, click ‘Telnet Client’ and press OK to install new feature.

2. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager.

3. Go to SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for MSSQLSERVER from the left menu, right click on TCP/IP from list on right and select ‘Enable’

4. Click on SQL Server Services from left menu.  Select SQL server from list on right.  right click and select ‘Restart’

5. Click Start menu and type ‘cmd in the command window or open a new shell window in windows.

6. Type command ‘telnet localhost 1433’ (without ‘).  Screen should go blank with a prompt blinking on the top left.

7. Close cmd window