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Time Conditions

Time Conditions

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Create a Time Condition

Time Conditions define a set of rules based on time groups. A time condition has two call destinations, one if the time of the call matches the time group assigned, and another if there is no match. Time conditions are often used to control how the system routes calls during business hours vs. outside business hours.

To create a new time condition click the   button from the main menu and fill in the form below. Existing time conditions can be edited by selecting from the list on the right.

Required Fields

  • Time Condition Name – description to identity the time condition.
  • Time Group – The time group this time condition will be checked against. A time group defines the times that are considered a “match.”
  • Destination if time matches – Call workflow routing if time condition is True (match with linked time group)
  • Destination if time does not match – Call workflow routing if time condition is False (NOT match with linked time group)

Advanced Fields – explained

Enable Override Code – The current override status of the time condition is displayed here below the drop-down menu. If this is a new time condition that has not yet been saved, the state will be “Unknown.” Otherwise, the current state will be displayed.  When saving a time condition there will be be an override code such as *298 displayed to the right of this checkbox.  The drop down menu will determine the behaviour of what happens when the override code is entered.

  • Unchanged: The override state will not be changed.
  • Reset Override: Removes any override that is set.
  • Temporary Matched / Unmatched: Creates a temporary override that will send calls to the matched or unmatched destination (whichever is selected) until the current time span has elapsed. After that, the behavior will return to normal.
  • Permanent Matched / Unmatched: Creates a “permanent” override that will send calls to the matched or unmatched destination (whichever is selected) until the override is removed. This override will not automatically be reset after a time span has elapsed. A permanent override cannot be set via a feature code, but it can be removed by a feature code.  For security reasons, a permanent override can only be set here.

Press the  button at the very bottom to save changes, and then click on the  to have the changes take affect immediately.