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Setting up Bria Solo

Setting up Bria Solo

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Steps to setup Bria Solo and connect to InfoFloTalk

Bria offers a cross platform softphone product that can be configured once and run on any device.  The product comes in different flavours ranging from a free version all the way to a enterprise call center version where an admin can centrally manage all VoIP accounts.  All versions of Bria will work with InfoFlo Talk.  For a complete product comparison please click here

Install Bria

The product requires an online registration, please click here to get going.

Setting up Bria Solo (single user)

Setting up a VoIP account

  • Login to your new account and click on the icon from the top menu
  • Click on the button to add a new connection
  • In the Genera tab:
    • set SERVICE LABEL to “InfoFlo Talk” (” ” should be removed)
    • set DOMAIN to InfoFloTalk host name as provided in the intro email
    • set SIP USERNAME/CALL EXTE… to your extension in InfoFlo Talk.  Note that the initial extension was pre-configured in InfoFloTalk and sent in the intro email.
    • set SIP/VOICE PASSWORD to the password set for the extension defined above.  Note that the password for the initial extension was sent in the intro email.  Again, we want to stress the importance of changing this password after initial portal login.
    • Save the config by clicking the Save and Close button.  All other fields should be left as default values.
  • For Bria Solo Config will look like