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Auto Attendant Tips & Tricks

Auto Attendant Tips & Tricks

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Have your final script ready

Having a final script on hand, before recording, will save alot of time and frustration especially when working with an outside voice talent.

Record your own greeting

See System Recordings kb article for more info. Also, keep in mind that any mobile phone can be used as a personal recording studio these days. Pick someone from your team that has a “radio voice” and have them read the script.

Inexpensive voice talent – there is plenty of it out there.

Many customers have had good experience with voice talents from Fiverr. Typically they do a great job and the price is right.  Just type “ivr greeting” on the search bar and lots of choices will come up.

Keep your greeting short

Do you have a lot of options, departments or even a story to tell? Scrap it. Keep your auto attendant script short and sweet. Otherwise, you are going to lose potential customers and tick off current customers. Keep it short. Really short. If your auto attendant is longer than 30 seconds you have a problem. Your small business auto attendant is not an IVR.

Keep your greeting professional

If you decide to add music, use a voice talent with a certain tone of voice or accent, don’t go over the top. Even if your brand identity is a little wacky, customers won’t like being raddled every time they call your business. Also, don’t go overboard on upselling during hold music or listing off support FAQs. Calm and professional is the way to go.