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Call Parking

Call Parking

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Default Parking lot

The default parking lot is pre configured in the system so it can be used right away.  Parked calls can be picked up either as “next call” or from a specific spot in the parking lot.  Calls can be picked up from any extension.

To place a call in the parking lot:

  1. Press ## and then enter 70 when prompted for an extension.
  2. The system will reply with the parking lot slot assigned to the call.  For example system with reply with 71.

To pickup a parked call:

  1. To pick up the next call in the parking lot dial *85 from any extension
  2. To pickup a call from a specific spot dial XY# from any extension, where XY is the number system replied with when the call was parked.  On softphones or in the app dial XY without the trailing #.