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BLF Setup on Polycom SoundPoint 550

BLF Setup on Polycom SoundPoint 550

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BLF – Busy Lamp Field

BLF allows for a phone to detect when another extension is busy (on the phone / off hook).  This is particularly useful when users on the same system are spread across multiple locations, or in a receptionist mode where a live person is screen calls for another user/extension.

Configuring BLF on Polycom SoundStation 550

On most Polycom desk phones BLF is configured as a line key configuration, meaning the function will use one of the phone lines on the device.  For instance on the SoundStation 550 which is a 4 line phone, we can configure 3 extension and 1 BLF, 2 extensions and 2 BLFs, etc.

Below are the steps to configure BLF:

  • login to the phone as admin
    • Obtain the phone’s IP address by clicking on the menu button (right of keypad), then selecting network from the screen using the arrow keys and then TCP/IP parameters.
    • Using a browser, navigate to the phone’s config using https://IP_ADDRESS_OF_PHONE (notice the https).  Browser will display a security warning, which can be ignored and proceed to the url.
    • Login as Admin with password 456
  • From the menu on the top navigate to Utilities -> Line Key Configuration
  • Click the Add Line Key Function button
  • Select Static BLF from the toggle menu, which will bring up this form
  • Fill in the Label field with the text to display on the phone interface for the BLF.  Normally the extension to monitor or the users name.
  • Fill in the Address field with the extension to be monitored as per the extension number defined in InfoFlo Talk
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the form
  • Phone will reboot automatically.
  • After reboot the phone interface will show the next unused extension with a icon, indicating the line is designated as BLF.
  • BLF line will turn red when the extension setup in the address field is busy.