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Using SMS

Using SMS

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SMS – Introduction

In addition to voice and fax InfoFlo Talk can also provide SMS connectivity.  Instead of using private cell phones which expose the end user’s private phone number, InfoFlo Talk allows SMS send receive via a business telephone number.  SMS functionality is provided as part of the InfoFlo Talk portal which is accessible by every registered extension.

SMS – How to use

  • Log into portal using provided credentials for the user’s extension
  • launch the SMS app by clicking on the button from the top menu.  The app will open on the button right of the browser window.
  • If there are multiple numbers setup to send/receive SMS they will be displayed in the pulled down list at the top of the app with the fist number automatically selected.
  • In the search contacts field will filter results from existing call records found in the logs, or simply enter the phone number if it is new.  Search results can be filtered by
    • phone number – entering the first few digits and pressing enter will show a filtered list where a number can be selected from.
    • name (as shown in the callerId of a call) – entering the first few letters pressing enter with show a filtered list where a name can be selected from.
    • contact name (from the list) – entering the first few letters and clicking start with show a filtered list where a name can be selected from.
  • Clicking the start button will show the conversation history if there is one.
  • The will allow for an outbound message to be sent out.  Inbound messages will automatically pop up in the conversation as they arrive.
  • If using a template to create SMS click on the button located to the right of the recipient’s mobile number an select the template from the drop down list.
  • This will display the editor which will replace the entered values with the tags in the template.  Click the insert button after filling in all values.
  • The message area will be populated with the SMS message ready for delivery

SMS – History View

  • To view historical SMS conversations and directly respond to them please click on the SMS history link from the left hand menu
  • Each item in the list is a unique SMS number with message history.  Numbers that match existing contacts will display with contact name showing.  Unknown contacts will display with unknown name.
  • The actions list on the right allows direct correspondence with SMS number all from this view
  • Quick Message will open an editor to send a quick SMS back to contact
  • History will open the SMS window and will show historical conversations with contact
  • Call will place a voice call to the contact