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Hard code audio port on Polycom Phone

Hard code audio port on Polycom Phone

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Use the steps below to manually set the audio port on a Polycom SoundStation 305/335/550:

The instructions below will manually set the audio port of the phone instead of negotiating a random port number with your local router.

  1. Navigate to the phone web config using a browser.  The IP can be fetched from the phone.  Note that the url typically starts with https://
  2. Login with the default password of 456
  3. Navigate to Settings -> SIP
  4. Edit the Local SIP Port field and change value to new port number (e.g. 7999)

Click Save button.  This will reboot phone.

Navigate to InfoFlo Talk Admin portal and click on PBX Status.  The port column of the extension assigned to the phone modified above will now show 7999.