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Optional Addons

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SMS services are billed at $19.99 per unlimited inbound and 500 outbound messages per month -shared across all users.  Please contact support for bulk discounts for 10,000+ monthly SMS messages.

Fax services are billed at $29.99 per 300 monthly pages.  Please contact support for bulk discounts for 1,000 pages per month.  Fax service includes a dedicated portal as explained here.

A redundant secondary InfoFlo Talk server located at a different data center which will automatically take over during a service outage at the primary data center. This mirrored configuration is fully transparent to the user as each extension is registered on both servers. When the primary server is back online VoIP traffic will again be re-directed to the primary location.  Redundant server is billed at $29.99 per month.  Price may vary depending on configuration of primary server.  Please contact support for more details.

Cell Failover is billed at $2.99 per inbound phone number per month, will automatically forwarded inbound calls to a cellular phone number in case of a service outage at our primary datacenter.

E911 billed at $2.99 per inbound phone number per month.  Please click here to get more details