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Queues Queues are used when incoming calls need to be places into a holding pattern until an agent picks up the calls in sequence.  Agents that are members of the queue automatically receive calls as soon as they are available.  Calls

Intercom This feature enables designated phones to auto answer inter-office intercom calls only over their built in speakers.  Intercom requires additional configuration on the built in provisioning server so this feature will not work out of the box.  Intercom can be

Creating a Ring Group Ring Groups are used as a method to ring any subset of extensions with different ring strategies.  The collection of target extensions can include both internal extensions as well as external phone numbers. To create a new ring

Creating a Company Directory Company directory are used to create a company wide directory and/or directories for individual departments or groups.  A very common use case for a company directory is as an option in an IVR (digital receptionist) when direct

Creating an Announcement Announcements are the call workflow entity used to direct callers to listen to system recordings.  For example, to configure a workflow where a caller is first routed to listen to a recording before being presented with the IVR

Creating A Conference Click on the conferences button , and fill in the form displayed on the page.  The top of the form should look like image below.  Existing conferences can be edited by selecting from the list on the right. Basic Required Fields

Creating An Extension Click on the extensions button , make sure Generic SIP Device is selected from the drop down and click the submit button.  All the fields on this form have context sensitive help so simply hover over the label to

Inbound routes are all the inbound DIDs (phone numbers) which are routed to an InfoFlo Talk instance.  They represent the starting point of the inbound call workflow.  The routes are configurable through the admin interface by clicking the  button from the

Setting up Voice Mail options Voicemail options as accessible by dialing *96 from the user's extension.  At the voice prompt press 0 (zero) for mailbox options.  The most important are listed below. Unavailable message - Recording to be played to caller