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System Shortcodes

System Shortcodes

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Below is a description of the system short codes that are accessible directly through the phone.  To execute any one of these commands simple pickup the handset and dial any one of the key combinations below.

Call forwarding

  • *72 – initiate call forwarding – follow the voice prompts to setup
  • *73 – stop call forwarding

Follow Me

  • *21 – activate / deactivate

Voice Mail

  • *96 – access your extensions VM without requiring a password.  This will only work when dialing from a phone registered to the users extension
  • *97 – access your extensions VM with prompt for a password.  This will only work when dialing from a phone registered to the users extension.
  • *98 – access other users voicemail using the extension’s number & password – follow the voice prompts which will start with prompting to enter the extension

Parked Calls

  • To park a call simply transfer the call to extension 70.
  • *85 – pickup the next parked call


  • *80 – initiate a new page.  Dial extension to page at the dialtone

Blind Transfer

  • dialing ## during active call will prompt to enter target extension – blind transfer ensures target extension receives callerId of original caller.

Consultative Transfer (default on Polycom VVX series)

  • While on an active call, press the Transfer key from bottom of the screen
  • Enter the extension number or phone number to where you want to transfer the call to
  • Wait until the other party picks up. Once you are done talking to the receiving party, press the Transfer key to complete the transfer