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Fair usage policy

Fair usage policy

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Total monthly shared minutes equals total number of InfoFlo Talk lines purchased multiplied by 2,500 for local number or 1,500 for toll free respectively. Shared minutes can be adjusted up at any time by adding more lines which will increase pooled minutes by 2,500 or 1,500 respective.  Dedicated call center deployments with a large majority of inbound minutes are priced differently then our standard business packages.  Please contact our sales team for more details.

Outbound calls are limited to continental U.S.A (lower 48 states) and 10 Canadian provinces.  International long distance calling is available and is billed by the minute as per our rate sheet.  For more details please email technical support

When using a VoIP phone service, the quality of your calls and how many lines you can support will largely depend on the bandwidth of your internet connection, specifically the upload bandwidth — the faster the better. Please see bandwidth requirements for more information.

As a fraud and security measure, anonymous inbound calls where the callerId name is empty or missing will be considered spam by default.  Exceptions can be provided on a case by case basis.  Please email technical support for more details.  Also, calls exceeding 2 hours in length may be subject to disconnection. The use of external predictive outbound dialers, robo calls, or unauthorized Call Center traffic on our network is strictly prohibited.

In addition to our dual firewall configuration, edge detection technology, two factor domain authentication and strong password enforcement deployed with every system, we strongly recommend stringent customer side security policies be in implemented as well, especially with respect to internet access privileges, user management and password policies. Unauthorized use of an extension on an active InfoFlo Talk system can result in a substantial increase in monthly VoIP charges as a result of unauthorized outbound calls taking place. We will promptly inform a customer when/if our monitoring service picks up irregular usage patterns.

Our datacenters provide 99.9% guaranteed uptime, like any other cloud service, rare outages can and do happen.  We offer 2 redundant backup methods both of which are optional paid addons.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.