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Porting an existing phone number

Porting an existing phone number

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We make LNP (process of transferring an existing number to InfoFloTalk) very simple and transparent to our customers.  There are no additional costs and we will port 1 phone number per line purchased.  Additional DID ports are billable at a nominal fee to cover our costs.

To initiate the LNP we require a copy of the last bill from your existing telephony provider.  The bill needs to include the following details:

  1. Phone number
  2. Account number
  3. Service Address
  4. Business Name (if applicable)
  5. First, Last name of payee (if applicable)

In case of a paper bill, please either scan or take a picture using a phone. Please send the bill to  If you have a Passcode/PIN associated with your current account please include that in the email as well.

Once we receive the required documentation, we will submit the LNP request on behalf of the customer to the losing carrier and request a port confirmation date, usually for 5 business days from the submission date.  There will be NO service interruptions to existing service while the LNP is in progress, all phones services will work as usual.  Also, while the LNP is in progress we will setup and configure InfoFloTalk to make sure that the transition is smooth and that there are no surprises, this includes assisting in setting up the VoIP phones and making sure they register with InfoFloTalk.  We normally help setup a couple of phones and let the customer copy and paste the configuration.  Setting up additional phones is billed on a per hour basis if needed.

When we receive a confirmation date we relay that back to the customer to let them know ahead of time.  On the date of port completion we provide the customer a 2 hour window when the change over will take place, we can usually narrow this down to 20 mins depending on when we get notified by the losing carrier.  When the port over is complete we will again notify the customer that InfoFloTalk is fully operational.

Please make sure not to cancel your existing phone service until we provide a confirmation that LNP is complete.