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Paging / Intercom

Paging / Intercom

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This feature enables designated phones to auto answer inter-office intercom calls only over their built in speakers.  Intercom requires additional configuration on the built in provisioning server so this feature will not work out of the box.  Intercom can be enabled on any Polycom phone provisioned by our technicians, however it can work with most other SIP phones.  Please contact support for more information on how to set this up on your own hardware.

Paging another extension

  • click on the intercom button on your phone
  • dial the extension when hearing a dial tone
  • press send

Paging a group/zone

  • From the admin menu, add a new paging group and select the extensions to be linked to it
  • Follow the instructions for paging another extension and dial the extension of the paging group.

Using overhead speakers / door bells

SIP compatible IP speakers can connect directly to InfoFlo Talk as if they were another VoIP Phone.  Such products are available from manufacturers like Valcom, Cyberdata, and Advanced Network Devices.

Connecting to legacy analog paging systems

This can be accomplished using SIP paging adapters which can bridge analog paging systems to VoIP networks, click here for more info and an example of an adapter we have used.