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Ploycom Phone unable to send DTMF to an IVR system

Ploycom Phone unable to send DTMF to an IVR system

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This is a known issue with Polycom phones that have been re-used after being implemented with other VoIP service.  Without the update the phones will have trouble with sending additional digits such as navigating a digital receptionist or checking voice mail.  Older phones might have problems when trying to dial out while the phone is on speaker without picking up the hand set.

Steps to apply update * :

  1. click here to download the update as a zip file
  2. unpack the file and extract the file dtmf_sip_info.cfg to your local c:\ drive
  3. login to the phone as an Admin.  Default password is 456 if the phone has been factory reset.
  4. from the main menu across the top, hover over the utilities tab (last one from left)
  5. select Import & Export configuration menu item
  6. click choose file and navigate to the path of the file dtmf_sip_info.cfg
  7. click open which will display the file in the Import Configuration File field
  8. Click import which will reset the phone.

* the update above is directly from a kb article as published by Polycom.  Results are not guaranteed, but this seems to work with all the Polycom phone models we have tested so far.