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Redundant Server Configuration

Redundant Server Configuration

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How does it work?

A secondary InfoFlo Talk server located at a different data center which will automatically take over during a service outage at the primary data center.  This mirrored configuration is fully transparent to the user as each extension is registered on both servers.  When the primary server is back online VoIP traffic will again be re-directed to the primary location.

Server Setup

When activated, we export all system configuration including extensions, ring groups, IVRs, etc … to the secondary server, so its a replica of the primary.  We then enable the fail over config where if the initial destination is unreachable traffic is automatically re-directed to the secondary destination.

Enabling on User Extension

In the account configuration examples of the phone  setup (here and here), where the extension, server and password are defined, fill in the secondary server (or server 2) field with the IP address or hostname provided.  If the port field is not filled, set its value to 5060.  See screen shots below:

Polycom 550

Yealink 21P

Make sure to save the phone configuration.  Check to insure the registration status of the phone is “registered”