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Outbound dialing rules

Outbound dialing rules

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Outbound dialing rules and dial plans

Dialing rules and dial plans are device specific rules that are processed before a VoIP end point (desk phone or soft phone) sends the numbers dialed to InfoFlo Talk.  Dial plans can be used to modify how a number is to be dialed, for instance adding a 9 in front of any 10 digit number to access an outside line.  Depending on the hardware manufacturer of the VoIP endpoint, having no dialing rules can imply that digits are simply send out when clicking the call button or that no digits are sent when calling because no dialing rule has been matched.  Also, some default dialing rules will allow 10 digit numbers but not a 3 digit extension to be dialed.  If you purchased a Polycom phone from us then we have pre-programmed all required dialing rules and the phone is ready for use as soon as its plugged in.  Below is an example of what dialing rules config looks like on a Polycom VVX phone, as mentioned above these setting do differ by manufacturer.  Please refer to phone specific user guide for more details.

Bria softphone, which is used is conjunction with our system will by default send digits dials as is, so there is no extra setup required.  For more information about Bria dialing rules please click here.

The basic InfoFlo Talk dial plan allows direct 10 digit dialing (1 in front is not needed) to lower 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces.  International calling can be added and is billed on a per minute basis as per our rate sheet.