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Workflow Status Explained

Workflow Status Explained

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Imported – Job has been successfully imported from forecast.  This state will most likely never appear in the system as jobs should be immediately scheduled by the user following an import.  If the user chooses to not schedule jobs following import operation then all forecast jobs will have a status equal to imported.

PM Lookup Failed – There is no events for the job with the given SKU.  We cant schedule if we don’t know the packing rate.

No Shifts available – Given the job priority, line type and the ship all by date the scheduler was unable to find a consecutive collection of shifts to schedule the job in the plant assigned to the given customer.

Change Team Members – Job was manually overridden after initially being scheduled and the number of packers assigned to the job has changed.

Scheduled – Job is currently scheduled and or currently in production

Completed – Job is completed as per Pack Manager events

Quantity Changed – Number of units to be produced have changed from a previous forecast

Too Many Shifts – Number of shifts to be assigned to this job will exceed the maximum value set in configuration panel

Ship Date Changed – Ship all by date has changed from a previous forecast

Date Modified – Product Expected and/or Material expected dates have been manually modified