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We use 2 methods to distribute notifications in the system, events alerts   and reminder emails.  Any new item created (task, project, note, etc..) will automatically subscribe its creator for new events related to the new item.  Users can always unsubscribe from getting events bey clicking the action item for the list view.  Users can register to receive events for items they are permitted to modify by clicking the action.  This implies that a manager other than the one who created the project can receive events for the given project and or related tasks.

Note regarding project events – When a new project is created the creator/manager is automatically subscribed to project events and all sub-tasks events.  Each assignee s automatically registered to assigned task events.

Notifications are displayed on the top bar to the left of the logged in user name.  New notifications are show as where the number displayed shows unread notifications.  Clicking on the icon will display a list of all notifications and they be marked as read. A history of all notification can also be viewed.

Email notifications are sent to a contributors on task assignments and daily email reminders are delivered to contributor counting back X days from due date if status is incomplete.  Project level notification for project manager counting back X days from due date if status is incomplete as sent out as well.