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Locked Job Workflow

Locked Job Workflow

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A locked job will be frozen in the system until such time as it is unlocked.  If a new forecast import includes a job which is locked we will track the changed quantity and or changed ship dates in the Locked panel view.  When a job is unlocked the system will maintain the original job details based on the time of scheduling.  Any changes between the time of locking and the time of unlocking will not be maintained.  A locked job which has been unlocked will need to be re-imported and re-scheduled in order to keep the data consistent with respect to the given job.

Below is an example clarifying this corner case:

Time 1 – job ABC is imported from forecast with quantity = 50

Time 2 = Job is automatically scheduled

Time 3 – job ABC is imported again from a new forecast and the quantity changed to 100.

Time 4 – Job schedule is automatically re-scheduled with new quantity

Time 5 – Job is LOCKED

Time 6 – Job is imported again from a new forecast and the quantity is changed to 150.

Time 7 – Job ABC is displayed under the locked view and both locked in quantity of 100 and new quantity of 150 are shown

Time 8 – Job is UNLOCKED

Time 9 – Job appears on the scheduler with locked quantity of 100, which is incorrect given current quantity is now 150

This condition needs to be resolved by re-imported the single job again following an UNLOCKED operation.