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Tasks are the work elements to be completed by contributors with respect to each project.  Here is an example of what the task list looks like for a logged in contributor user.

Clicking on the from the actions menu will set the task status to completed for tasks currently either in progress or stuck.  Clicking on the task name will display the task quick view which will show all task specific details the contributor may need to complete the work.  It will also display the activity history for the task which will include who created the tasks, who assigned the task, and so on.  Contributor can also create notes and link it to a task.  These notes are viewable by managers and can be used to communicate/document additional details related to the task at hand.

Tasks can also be used outside the scope of a project.  For instance, a manager can create an unrelated task and assign it to another user, or even create an additional task for a project that was not covered by the template.  Note, that if non template tasks are added to a project this will result in empty cells in the project tracker view since not all projects may have the additional task.