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Feature highlights

Feature highlights

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Nova Pack project management portal – original feature highlights checklist:

  1. Project designer with definable custom fields inherited by all project instances
  2. Task designer with definable custom fields inherited by all task instances
  3. Create sub task collection per project – sub tasks are independent of each other so they can all be worked on in parallel.
  4. Clone project with all associated sub tasks and save as new project – New sub tasks will be automatically assigned to same contributor as in parent project. Auto generated backfilled dates will also be inherited with respect to new parent project. Overridden fields will need to be manually changed before distributing tasks.
  5. Back fill task due dates based on designated project date field (production date). Task dates to have default values of production date minus offset value, to be selected from pull down list.
  6. Auto adjust dependent backfilled fields if project field (production date) is modified – overridden fields will not be changed
  7. Permission control configurator for assigning roles to defined users
  8. Add Contributor user role and assign to users that only see tasks assigned to them by others – these users will have access to a subset of assigned tasks.
  9. Assign tasks to project contributors (via contributor role) – task assignment is on a per user basis
  10. To-do list view per project contributor. Filtered view by status to display completed & in progress work.
  11. Project owners have manual override permissions for all fields in project subtasks
  12. Notify assign to user when new task is created and assigned. Link to task will be included in email. Contributor can mark task as complete by clicking on link or using to-do list view.
  13. Daily email reminders to contributor configured as counting back X days from due date if status is incomplete. Project level notification for project manager counting back X days from due date if status is incomplete.
  14. Project dashboard showing related tasks with colour coded statuses per task. Highlight overdue tasks in red, completed tasks in green and tasks still in progress where due date has not been reached yet in yellow.
  15. Provide clickable link to task from within project dashboard
  16. Allow linking contributor to organization so we can build organization based queries in future.
  17. CSV export for input to scheduler for projects where all sub tasks have been completed.

Additional requirements not covered by the checklist above will require a separate change request.