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Permissions & roles

Permissions & roles

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There are 3 user permission levels in the system.  These can be modified by an administrator using the roles assignment app, accessible from the Users panel on the main menu on left.  Permissions can be modified accordingly and changes will take place on the user’s next login.  Below is an example of the contributor role which has access only to tasks and notes creates by or assigned to this user.

Here is a summary of the 3 roles in the system and their associated permissions:

Contributor – Can only see tasks assigned to them by project managers.  Clicking Tasks from the main menu will display a a to-do list with all tasks assigned.  Contributors are allowed to mark a task as completed from their t-do list.  View can be sorted and filters by status to show all tasks that still need to be completed.  Contributors can also create notes and link those notes to tasks they are working on.

Manager – Can create projects and assign them to contributors as well as modify projects by manually override permissions for all fields in projects and sub tasks.  Managers can also edit content created by all contributors such as notes and tasks.  Finally, managers can create new content such as notes, tasks and organizations and link these items to each other.  Any content created by managers will not be viewable by contributors only other managers and system administrators.

Administrator – All the permissions of a manager plus the ability to modify system entities using the attribute designer and layout manager tools