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Shifts Panel

Shifts Panel

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Shifts definition is required prior to forecast import and job scheduling.

Clicking Shifts -> Generate will show the date up until shifts have already been currently defined.  Shifts are generated per a date range with a start date and end date.  It is good practice to defined shifts a year in advanced, with holidays defined first, however this is at the customer’s discretion.  Please note that generated shifts will be created for all defined plants, including overflow plants.

Clicking Shifts -> Add will allow a manager/admin to manually insert a shift.  This is to be used to create holiday and weekend shifts for a date range already covered by the generate shifts for the given year.  Manual shifts are created one by one per customer, plant and line down to the shift level for the given date.  Newly created shifts will be displayed as green in the scheduler and will be available for new jobs to be assigned.

Clicking Shifts -> Holidays will allow a manager/admin to manually upload a properly formatted csv which will include all upcoming holidays.  Please note that the csv format with first column for dates(mm.dd.yyyy) and second with holiday name.  Once the csv has been saved, click the browse button and navigate to the selected file.  Click the generate button to upload and view all dates in a list view.  Holidays may be deleted using the Action panel on the far right.  Additional holidays may be uploaded using subsequent csv files.  Any duplicated holidays which already exist will be overwritten with new values.  Please ensure that there were no manual shifts linked to the selected holiday prior to deleting.