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Shifts Required Calculation Logic

Shifts Required Calculation Logic

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This article describes the formula used to calculate shifts required given the units per hour parameter from Pack Manager

The units per hour value provided by Pack Manager is the packing rate for one hour for all line personnel and not for each individual packer.  Please see calculations based on example below.

Data received from Pack Manager:

SKU – 100023501_N3
Desc – Aveeno SR BW 3x532mL
Units – 250
standard units per hour – 1.955
Personnel – 8

Calculations performed by scheduling algorithm:

Packing Rate per hour per person – 1.955/8 = 0.2443
Packing Rate per 7 hour shift per person – 0.2443 * 7 = 1.71
Packing Rate per 8 team members per shift – 1.71 * 8 = 13.68
Shifts needed – 250/13.68 = 18.2 which rounds off to 19 shifts