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InfoFlo Release Notes

#1 CRM for Outlook

Version #: 3.9  Build: 3802

Version Date: 2024-03-19


  • Add Microsoft365 API Sync with contact, calendar and email.
  • Add Google API sync with email.
  • Add memo section to Invoice.
  • Add Invoice memo sync with Quickbooks.
  • Add none inventory product sync to Quickbooks deskop sync.
  • Improve Find Entity performance with note/task/opportunity.
  • Upgrade email preview component.
  • Add opportunity custom report filter to support by close date.
  • Add Calendar Name to the top of the Calendar View.
  • Add opportunity index/search to also support phonenumbers.
  • Add to document template feature support for street3 and street4
  • Add to contact custom report to show invoice balance.
  • Update Invoice template.
  • Add email field to “Configure InfoFlo Server” users list.
  • Add InfoFlo Print Intergration.
  • Fix client start failed in windows 7 and windows server 2008.
  • Fix enable/disable user failed when user has related email account.
  • Fix the issue of double clicking to assign user to task/opportunity.
  • Fix document template custom fields does not work when custom field name has a space.
  • Fix Add/Edit account- When clicking cancel may show error dialog.
  • Fix after run sync in document, upload document will failed.
  • Fix new email templates- default template does not select by default.
  • Fix Outlook contact error-  If there are 2 duplicate postaddress it causes an error and the contact does not update to infoflo.
  • Fix Mobile sync err for opportunity closed date time, follow up date time and opportunity custom fields.
  • Fix editor for note/email/calendar default font does not save.
  • Fix always on top feature to remain enabled for contact, company, project and category edit form.
  • Fix sharing entity error when sharing with a disabled user.

Version #: 3.9  Build: 3218

Version Date: 2022-05-09


  • Fix screen freeze for Quickbooks online and Google sync authorization.
  • Fix auto scroll when you click set category in contact, company and project form.
  • Fix contact deleted when sharing contact with same name or email address in google sync.
  • Update email body to display all web links as a hyperlink.
  • Display progress message when loading outlook and other folders when setting up Outlook sync account.
  • Fix Google sync issue with expired token.

Version #: 3.9  Build: 3161

Version Date: 2022-03-17


  • Add SMS status to SMS list view.
  • Add dialing and SMS from Calendar view.
  • Complete new redesign of email account user setup interface.
  • Add Stage field to Phone call.
  • Add option to send bulk SMS from contact search results.
  • Always show From and To in phone list panel when switch to incoming/outgoing/both views.
  • Update Appointment editor time display drop down.
  • Update InfoFlo Server list page size from 12 to 20 users displayed.
  • Update calendar to highlight today cell in calendar month view.
  • Fix google contact sync not working.
  • Fix Invoice Exchange rate not working.
  • Fix create new category from system contact will link system contact to the new created category.
  • Fix import with category created by other user, cannot link to the imported contact.
  • Fix sync issue with weekly recurrence appointment.
  • Fix opportunity email reminder not working.
  • Fix update calendar will throw an exception after dismissing.
  • Fix search with same condition will throw am exception.
  • Fix phone call comment section not appearing in search result.
  • Fix exception thrown when adding contact to existing project when no projected select.
  • Fix SMS panel form from not show all the messages.
  • Fix copy, paste, populate phone log does not mark all the related phone calls as known.
  • Fix advance search title does not display.
  • Fix saved search run empty list will throw exception.
  • Fix Quickbooks online sync does not sync discount from InfoFlo to Quickbooks.
  • Fix Quickbooks online sync does not sync removed payment from InfoFlo to Quickbooks.
  • Outlook sync contact update from external to InfoFlo, email addresses, phone numbers and post addresses default always set to the first one.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 2576

Version Date: 2021-02-18


  • Saved Search feature optimized.
  • Allow users to share saved search with other users.
  • Phone recordings now save as MP3 file format.
  • Update import tool to ignore invalid email address like “_”,” n/a” will cause all these contact import as one contact.
  • Update import tool to show error report if duplicated.
  • QuickBooks Sync Authorize support all platforms.
  • Invoice preview now shows street 2 field.
  • Fix Opportunity/Task 1 month reminder displays wrong text.
  • Fix incorrect probability opportunity default stage.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 2383

Version Date: 2020-11-05


  • Add Saved Search feature.
  • Support auto linking rule for all contact/company to category when linked to project.
  • Include company, first name, last name for opportunity seacrh index.
  • Fix QuickBooks online account configuration issue.
  • Fix document upload folder error.
  • Support hyper link for custom fields.
  • Fix report bug hiding optional header which caused an issue with the sort and filter feature in Excel.
  • Add birthday field to the import mapping wizard.
  • Summary page now displays appointment start time in title.
  • New Task/Appointment now displays current Time.
  • Add UK state in Post Address drop menu.
  • Fix error when searching by datetime field.
  • Fix import contact custom fields merge not working.
  • Invoice payment currency display should not use system currency.
  • Fix  and improve reconnect option when InfoFlo disconnects.
  • Fix some email forward/reply bugs.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 2215

Version Date: 2020-07-01


  • Fix workflow task to support custom fields

Version #: 3.9  Build: 2186

Version Date: 2020-05-07


  • Add new Task workflow button to search result.
  • Fix online form sync not working for some windows 7 computers
  • Fix SoftPhone connect to pbx slow
  • Remove EmailAddress, PostAddress, PhoneNumbers Report has extra line

Version #: 3.9  Build: 2177

Version Date: 2020-03-09


  • Invoice Product Name, Description now support more characters
  • Custom fields DataValues support unlimited characters
  • Make Invoice quantity decimal configurable
  • Update Training Video and knowledge base url
  • Add Office 365 Email support
  • Workflow support company/project fields and custom fields
  • Fix Quickbooks continuous sync without sleep.
  • Fix QuickBook sync issue to handle many invoices
  • Fix disabled user login issue which shows error message


Version #: 3.9  Build: 2140

Version Date: 2019-01-24


  • Remove custom fields combo type size limitation
  • Add knowledge Base, Training Videos, Open a Ticket to help men


Version #: 3.9  Build: 2112

Version Date: 2019-11-13


  • If soft phone not connected, Hide dial button on summary page
  • Add Ireland telephone number parser
  • Client phone number if start with+, it will trade as international number, otherwise it will trade as local number.
  • Allow Task workflow to handle unlimited seelcted contacts
  • Fix restore backup failed
  • Fix Google calendar meeting request issue


Version #: 3.9  Build: 2073

Version Date: 2019-10-28


  • Fix email emedded image issue
  • Fix Foward/Reply/Reply All Reply Header timestamp show as utc instead of local time
  • Fix project email without a from and To detail cannot process.
  • Infoflo Talk intergration to support UK phone numbers.



Version #: 3.9  Build: 2047

Version Date: 2019-10-03


  • Fix reply email issue.
  • Fix email attachment issue.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 2039

Version Date: 2019-08-16


  • Fix index issue after new user added and all contacts shared.
  • Fix email to task bug- comments section contains html characters
  • Phone extension GUI optimized.
  • Click to dial now works from the company summary page panel.
  • Contact duplicate warning skip if contact panel display as LastName+FirstName mode.
  • Invoice will now display paid status.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 2019

Version Date: 2019-06-21


  • Fix Advanced Search button.
  • Summary Page default entity #  Contacts 10, Companies 10, categories 5, project 5
  • Add buy button on main menu. Change store URL.
  • Add validation for Invoice payment, payment method must be selected
  • Change rename document name edit mode background colour.
  • Add CreatedBy, ModifiedBy, CreatedOn and ModifiedOn index/search to Company, Category and Project.
  • Add Modified by To Contact Index.
  • Add the probability field as a default column in the opportunity list view.
  • Add Operation Index to every history table.
  • Change embedded database file size growing policy, Limit database log file size growing.
  • Fix restore backup with sql server database to different computer not working.
  • Index Category Fields in Calendar.
  • Update Softphone to allow desktop phone extension registration.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 1978

Version Date: 2019-04-24


  • Rename Settings-Preferences- Contact/Company/Project from General->Auto Sharing.
  • Change Task Workflow right click menu display to New Task Workflow.
  • Add project and company hyperlink on contact, company and project summary page
  • Add recent activities to project summary page.
  • Fix Shared Calendar meeting tracking status not working properly.
  • Fix after client restart the calendar changed occurrence save failed.
  • Fix Import Task bug- start time and end time display wrong value after import.
  • Fix bug when turn off schedule sync, manually sync not working.
  • Fix email reply bug- email display garbled character.
  • Send Email with embedded picture not working if there’s space windows user name.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 1967

Version Date: 2019-03-27


  • Search result for project StartDate display as 1753-1-1 if no value. Now results will display as empty.
  • Associate a probability to an opportunity stage.
  • Fix project import issue that auto generates tasks.
  • Display probability in opportunity list view.
  • Fix Import Help spelling error.
  • Support Frence spelling check.
  • Fix create second Task workflow. The first task workflow’s assignee will disappear.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 1931

Version Date: 2019-02-26


  • New task workflow featured added. Included in the advanced task add-on.
  • Fix soft-phone hang up issue
  • Fix within company form the set category link not saved.
  • Fix Invoice change expired date and after save the expired date go back to created date.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 1916

Version Date: 2019-02-07


  • Softphone crashing during launch fixed.
  • QB online contact sync error fixed.
  • New Letter on main menu ribbon displays template list instead of launching default template.
  • Search for the special character “-” in search now supported.
  • When creating a new contact from a company the default address added.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 1908

Version Date: 2019-01-30


  • Fix Chinese character search not working well.
  • Fix knowledge base URL in Getting Started form.
  • Fix client update downloader.
  • Tax Rate support 4 decimal number now


Version #: 3.9  Build: 1896

Version Date: 2019-01-18


  • Add Invoice Signature to invoice.
  • Fix calendar, task, opportunity time does not display am/pm in regions that use 24 hours.
  • Fix invoice product display. Appears in wrong order when adding products to the Invoice.


Version #: 3.9  Build: 1885

Version Date: 2019-01-07


  • Add Find button to duplicate list form
  • Do not display records that only have first or last name In duplicate list form.
  • Fix Dashboard load time and charts.
  • Add bulk email template to Settings-Profile-Accounts-Bulk Email
  • Open link using default browser fixed.
  • Fix send/reply/forward email with embedded image not working.


Version #: 3.8  Build: 144

What’s New

Activity Linking (new add-on)

  • Link to Notes- emails, tasks, opportunities, invoices
  • Link to Tasks- emails, notes, opportunities, invoices
  • Link to Opportunities- emails, tasks, notes, invoices
  • Link to Invoices- emails, tasks, notes, opportunities

Notes Update:

  • On/Off option to edit existing notes
  • On/Off option to auto append Time Stamp
  • On/Off option to auto append Modified By
  • On/Off option to new notes in chronological order.
  • Custom label notes with “Note Type”

Activity Sharing:

  • Share individual notes, tasks, opportunities and invoices.

Enhanced Activity List (notes, tasks, opps, invoices) View:

  • Built-in search per list
  • Column picker with drag and drop
  • Built-in filter

Invoice Updates:

  • Quick add product button within invoice

Enhanced Document Drag & Drop:

  • Drag and drop functionality into contact, company, category and project entity document depot
  • Drag and drop functionality into task and opportunity forms

Opportunity/Sale Updates:

  • Right click on opportunity/sale to create new (notes, task, appointment, estimate/invoice)
  • Improved opportunity layout
  • Track opportunity pipeline history with user and time stamp.
  • Improved document attachments
  • Add and remove entity links
  • Separate email and popup reminder selection

Task Updates:

  • Improved task layout
  • Improved document attachments
  • Add and remove entity links
  • Separate email and popup reminder selection
  • Date and time fields separated into two fields

General Updates:

  • Improved Getting Started page
  • Sync Document Depot with all Depot Folders
  • Include third email list “Both” (combines known and unknown lists)
  • New email and website quick launch button added to summary page
  • Field Label append “phone number, email, post address” removed
  • Added “Set Contact” to company profile page
  • Expanded Manadatory fields for both Contact and Company entities
  • Allow grouping for all custom fields created