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Running InfoFlo CRM on a Mac OS X

Running InfoFlo CRM on a Mac OS X

InfoFlo is a native Windows application but users can easily install Windows OS with Apple’s built-in Boot Camp or Parallels.

Which Environment- Parallels Desktop for Mac, or Apple’s Boot Camp?

When you run Windows Boot Camp, you will need to shut down the Mac OS and reboot your Mac to load Windows. This can be a very distracting process if you are a heavy Mac user. Apple’s in-built Bootcamp software installs Windows in dual-boot configuration. This means Boot Camp allows you to run both Windows and Mac OS X operating system, but the issue is you can only use one system at a time.

This is why we recommend Parallels Desktop over Bootcamp. The integration with OS X runs very well and it’s stable. Please note that if you are running an older Mac from 2009 or earlier, installation for Windows 8 will fail due to Apple’s hardware requirements. Otherwise, you can follow detailed instructions directly from the Apple’s website on how to do this.

Please feel free to contact InfoFlo support team if you have any questions about setting up this environment.