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Setting up Zoiper 5 softphone for Windows

Setting up Zoiper 5 softphone for Windows

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Steps to setup Zopier 5.0 Windows Softphone and connect to InfoFloTalk

Zoiper is a free software and will allow registering a single extension on InfoFloTalk.  There are many other softphone application available for download some are paid and some are free.  The paid programs will provide more functionality such as multiple lines, voicemail indicator, contact list, etc..  Please note that a set of speakers and microphone (or headset with build in microphone) need to be connected to the computer.  The basic process to connect InfoFloTalk to any softphone will require three pieces of info:

  • Host name – InfoFloTalk host name as provided in the intro email
  • User Name / Password – the extension number setup in InfoFlo Talk.  The initial extension was pre-configured in InfoFloTalk and the password was sent in the intro email.  Again, we want to stress the importance of changing this password after initial portal login.

Install Zoiper

  • Download the latest version of the softphone from zoiper.  In this case we are going to use version 5.2.28.  This may not be the latest version.
  • Double click on the installer to start
  • Continue with Zoiper Free installation

Configure the Extension

  • when prompted with the screen below please enter your extension (from welcome email) followed by a ‘@’ followed by the InfoFlo Talk host name (from welcome email).  For example where 183 is the extension and is the hostname.
  • copy and paste the password from the welcome email for the extension entered above.
  • Click Next
  • The next screen should be auto filled with the hostname specified above
  • Click Next
  • At the screen below click Skip
  • Zopier will try to connect to the host.  SIP UDP entry should be green as in image below
  • Click Next
  • Wizard will prompt for configuring audio devices
  • Click Skip if you already have a headset connected and its working
  • When setup is completed successfully the software will display a green check mark on the top left with the extension and host displayed to the right.  Note that for security, the host name was removed from the screen shot below.